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Feel the Rhythm, Feel the Rhyme

When I was a kid, my dad traveled a lot for work.  This made life pretty difficult for my mom…  4 kids at home–  12, 10, 4, 1 Sarah and I (being the older of the two) helped out.  A … Continue reading

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I have an entirely different post for today…  waiting in my box…  waiting to be posted.  But then, at the end of the school day today, I found out about the horrible bombings in Boston.  I felt sad, definitely.  I … Continue reading

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My heart was captured. Abby.  My first niece, right now, my only niece.  For a while, she was the only one around for me to spoil and she’ll probably always be my favorite.  (shh, don’t tell the boys) Never, ever … Continue reading

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Musical Genius

I’m pretty sure Darien, my brother’s son, is a musical genius in the making.  I really am not kidding…  the kid is one, and I’m sure of it.  Why?  Well, first he’s loved music since he was little.  He’s a … Continue reading

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25…  who in the world gets mono when they’re 25? Me, that would be me. Summertime–  fresh air, a nice breeze.  I was still working in the city at the time.  Days leading up to the diagnosis I remember that I was exhausted.  … Continue reading

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Connies and Patio

If I learned two things about Chris’s family it’s that: a.) The ONLY Connie’s worth going to is the one on 22nd in Chicago b.) They are creatures of habit. a.) Is most definitely true. Connie’s became a gathering place … Continue reading

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A Running Disaster…

I have a hate relationship with the treadmill–  AKA the hampster wheel. However, I’m starting to think outside feels that it has a hate relationship with me. SUMMER 2010— I’m running my usual path.  At night, it’s my favorite—  no … Continue reading

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