A Running Disaster…


I have a hate relationship with the treadmill–  AKA the hampster wheel.

However, I’m starting to think outside feels that it has a hate relationship with me.

SUMMER 2010—

I’m running my usual path.  At night, it’s my favorite—  no one can see you when you look like a serious mess, huffing and puffing. 

I’m running down Bruns, which is the “busy” street by me (you know, as busy as country-ish roads can get) when a giant bug flies into my eye.  I panicked, still sort of running.  I attempted to blink the bug out of my eye. 

Didn’t work. 

I had to take my fingers and literally pull the bug out of my eye.  Gross.  As I walked back home–  eye in pain, trying to blink the pain away, I decided that I would try to clean out my eye at home.  It still felt like something was there. 

There wasn’t anything there, but my eye was absolutely grotesque.  The next day, I was having friends and family over for a little Glee Marathon.  I showed my best friend’s mom my eye (she’s a nurse)…  the puss oozing out of it was normal.  Well, I guess that’s good.  However, it was decided that I really shouldn’t even be keeping my eye open.  OK, band aids to keep my eyes closed, the best part–  they were Spongebob bandaids.

Bugs are not my friend. 

A doctor’s visit later, I had drops to put in my eye, and I wasn’t allowed to touch my eye for quite some time. 

My running outdoors life continued without problem…

until yesterday…

April 1, 2013 (Happy April Fool’s Day)

I decide to end my break on a good note– with a nice outdoor run since the weather was cooperating.  I love running outside– the fresh air, the scenary, ahh, breathe it in.

When, I fall.  On Bruns (is the street cursed for me?).  I don’t even know how I fell honestly.  My husband later tells me it was my klutziness (which might be true).  I don’t know if I tripped over a crack in the street or my own feet, but I fell.  I sort of rolled to the side and got up as quickly as possible.  All I noticed hurting at first was my knee.  I felt like I could have some blood on it, but who knows. 

I didn’t think that was too bad.  Later that night, more pain arrived.  First, I noticed my ankle…  scratches, a little blood.  Then, my finger on my left hand.  It’s pretty difficult to grip things, or even bend it.  Then, my left arm.  It hurts to even put pressure in some areas. 

Maybe Bruns in cursed for me…  maybe I have a little time before my next Running Disaster…  but I think I’ll stick to the hampster wheel for a little longer.


About peanutrwco

My memories are something that I treasure. Some memories I want to capture in writing because I want to be able to share them from generation to generation, others are just something I want to keep in my heart. Whether it's something that just happened or something that happened years ago, I want to have it to keep.
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4 Responses to A Running Disaster…

  1. dmurphy2013 says:

    or maybe you are just a klutz! lol – kidding.
    I love how you linked these two stories together – i’m going to keep this one as a mentor text – I’d like to see our students try this! I could “hear” you in this one – your voice comes through, your humor. Great slice!

  2. Donna Smith says:

    Yes, I think you should stick with the hamster wheel for a while until you have learned how to run properly! But really, don’t you just hate when these things happen? They set you off course…but maybe you were set off course so you wouldn’t run into a car that was coming, maybe you missed that dog that was going to bite you but went into his house in those few seconds while you were on the ground. Maybe you saved that bug in your eye when a bird was about to eat him…okay maybe that was more for the bug than you…

  3. anita says:

    I love the image of the hamster wheel….need to put that pcituer above my own treadmill of torture!

  4. I’m not a runner. The idea thrills me, but there are a handful of reasons (incl. klutziness) that prevent me from taking it up as a hobby. Do what I do: the elliptical. Almost no chance of falling off of one of those!

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