Musical Genius


I’m pretty sure Darien, my brother’s son, is a musical genius in the making.  I really am not kidding…  the kid is one, and I’m sure of it. 

Why?  Well, first he’s loved music since he was little.  He’s a rambunctious little guy.  But when you sing to him, or he hears a song…  he stops what he’s doing.  He sometimes comes to sit on your lap.  He watches you, smiles at you…  when you stop…   the most amazing thing happens.  You can tell that he wants you to keep going, it’s almost like he’s trying to keep singing, or asking you to continue. 

It’s pretty adorable.

As he got older and started saying words and trying to say words…  his love of music morphed.  Just a little so far. 

Now, he is really trying to memorize and be a part of the song.  It started with a lovely youtube Bob The Builder song, “Big Fish, LIttle Fish,”  the next line is “cardboard box!” And you can see him actually trying to make the cardboard box like they do in the video and trying to say cardboard box (a pretty complex word to attempt)  He will actually walk around trying to say it, letting you know he wants you to either play the song, or sing the song.

Yesterday, I started singing to him.  I do whenever I see him because I know that he loves it.  I started singing the ABCs to him and at the end of the song, he started making this weird grunting noise.  I started laughing and my mom was laughing…  “he has that on a CD and the character at the end of the ABCs starts snoring.” 

Musical Genius.  The kid has the song memorized. 



About peanutrwco

My memories are something that I treasure. Some memories I want to capture in writing because I want to be able to share them from generation to generation, others are just something I want to keep in my heart. Whether it's something that just happened or something that happened years ago, I want to have it to keep.
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3 Responses to Musical Genius

  1. Robin says:

    Awesome story! My almost 2-year-old daughter is exactly like that! Music is a powerful thing.

  2. tsudmeier says:

    There is something about music that some people are completely drawn towards even from an early age. What a great tool for his parents to have anytime they need to distract him from something else- just turn on some music!

  3. dmurphy2013 says:

    I totally believe some kids are just drawn to music. What an observant aunt you are. 🙂

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