Bad Dreams


Lately, I’ve been having this recurring nightmare.  While some might find it humorous or trivial, for me it’s pretty horrible. 

Everyone that knows me knows that I change my hair about every 45 seconds.  I go from long to short on a whim.  Dark, almost black hair to light brown with highlights just like that.

About two years ago, I decided that I wanted to go natural.  Natural hair color, and a nice long mane.  My hair is thick, so it’s definitely a lot to take care of, especially when it’s nice and long.

In two years, I’ve gotten one trim.  ONE.  My hair is now about halfway down my back and even though sometimes I feel like it has a mind of it’s own and is going to take over my body, I love it.  Recently, I’ve been thinking about getting a few inches trimmed off, just to have some new lively hair. 

THEN the nightmares began.  Nightmares of me sitting in the chair.  Watching.  Hair, falling to the ground, my hair getting shorter and shorter and shorter.  Tears falling and falling and falling. 

I wake up sad, like in one of those beyond realistic dreams that horrify you all day long. 

I don’t think I’m going to get a trim any time soon. 


About peanutrwco

My memories are something that I treasure. Some memories I want to capture in writing because I want to be able to share them from generation to generation, others are just something I want to keep in my heart. Whether it's something that just happened or something that happened years ago, I want to have it to keep.
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1 Response to Bad Dreams

  1. I think I remember that dream scene unfolding as I found scissors and did that exact cut to my younger sister’s hair. She had beautiful, thick, wavy hair. She has never worn her hair long again, so she must have liked it. I enjoyed your post so much. xo

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