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10 Miles– coming soon to a race near you

10 miles coming May 24th. Finishing on the Soldiers Field 50 yard line. Am I ready? Nope. The weather–  has not cooperated and I have a difficult time running on the big girl hamster wheel.  Some days I can do it … Continue reading

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It took him away

We lost him early We just never knew He lived in a world we weren’t aware of And when we found out, we tried to help We tried to be enough for him Why couldn’t we be enough for him? … Continue reading

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Spring Break and signs of old age

Spring Break began with my birthday.  A nice even number of 32.  I can already tell it’s going to be a good year. Travel plans being made to new and fun places, finally having our house fully furnished–  yahoo!  Painting … Continue reading

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Permamnent Driving Companion

A four hour drive that turned into five. That’s just what happens when you have kids in the car. I sat by my sister’s side, as I grabbed this and that. Aunt Rachel, I dropped my baby, can you please … Continue reading

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An outside run

The smells–  lilacs blooming, fires burning Sometimes stinky skunks Your feet hit the pavement, you have somewhere to go A destination Music plays in your ear, the beat propels you forward Moving forward The wind hits your face, the fresh … Continue reading

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In the land of disconnection

My (fake) aunt and uncle moved down to the-middle-of-nowhere, Illinois about 8 years ago.  It’s a 4 hour drive for us. My sister and I decided as part of our Spring Break to make that drive.  It’s quiet, peaceful and … Continue reading

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The Book Thief… continued

I shared with my students that I stole Tex.  I shared with my students that I brought it back.  I shared with my students that I confessed my theft through my blog.  I shared with my students my boss’s (my … Continue reading

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