The bumps and bruises. 

It’s been a rough few days in our house. A teething toddler whose canines are coming in is not pleasant. (Seriously canines are awful and take forever to come in. Ugh). 

She has a cold to top it all off. Coughing and boogers galore. But then she started waking up really crying a sad, hurt little girl cry. And tugging her ear. Ear ache?  Please no. 

And then, her first big accident. She was playing on the couch with my husband and fell off onto the floor. I had a very sad girl. Close to bedtime. 

Of course I became one f those crazy moms. I grabbed a flashlight and checked her pupils. I made her go to bed in my arms. I sat awake with her just WATCHING. Was she ok?  Did she have a concussion?  Is she going to be ok?  

I guess we’ve survived the first major bump and bruises.  But believe me, I’m still watching her like a hawk.  



About peanutrwco

My memories are something that I treasure. Some memories I want to capture in writing because I want to be able to share them from generation to generation, others are just something I want to keep in my heart. Whether it's something that just happened or something that happened years ago, I want to have it to keep.
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2 Responses to The bumps and bruises. 

  1. mettamusic says:

    Those bumps and bruises are so scary! That smile looks like its all good

  2. So sorry! She still looks happy!

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