Traditions and Superstitions…

I am crazy!  Seriously.

Ok, no I’m not… but when it comes to baseball and it comes to the Cubs I make myself one of those crazy, superstitious people.


  1.  Noelle MUST wear something Cubs on the day of a playoff game.  MUST.
  2. If they win or do well when I’m not watching, I’m not allowed to watch.

And last night they lost, so I woke up feeling like there’s something I need to change, like me not doing something prevented their win.  Crazy, right?

I posted something after Jake’s homerun, I shouldn’t have.  That’s bad luck.

We’re up 2-1, we’re up 2-1.  I have to keep reminding myself.

This week has brought much excitement to the life of a Cubs fan.  But it’s also brought some anxiety.  I go from feeling like throwing up to i.can’’

October, we don’t make it here often.  Usually, we’re fearful that something will go wrong.  Maybe Cubs fans are realists.  We’ve lived the reality of baseball so many times, that the fear and excitement go hand-in-hand.  The tradition behind the curse, the goat, Cubs baseball…  it’s ever present in our minds.

So until tonight, I will feel the anxiety… and if we move forward, it will continue to control my mind.


About peanutrwco

My memories are something that I treasure. Some memories I want to capture in writing because I want to be able to share them from generation to generation, others are just something I want to keep in my heart. Whether it's something that just happened or something that happened years ago, I want to have it to keep.
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